Royal Wedding


Plan a perfect wedding or watch the world burn.

Meet the newlyweds and learn their expectations. Be wary, their guest’s orcs, elves, and dwarves have different wedding customs. Elves expect the high-class outdoor ceremony, while orcs like to play loud music and drink at the bar. Arrange the seating plan and pick the attractions accordingly. Leave some space for the cake.

Royal Wedding is a 1-4 players 15-30 minutes flip-and-write game. As a Royal Wedding Planner, you draw a card from a common pool that dictates what guests are coming to the wedding. Guests are presented in form of a symbol, a domino tile, or diagonally connected symbols, that players need to draw on their boards. These cards are drawn until you have one card more than the number of players, at which point the drafting begins.

Each of the unique cards also represents a feature, decoration, or attraction for your wedding, that will grant you Victory points a the end of the game – i.e. getting Paladin’s Gin will grant points for Humans sitting close to a bar. Players need to take the wishes of newlyweds into consideration when placing the guests.

Coming to Kickstater at Q1 2021

Name: Royal Wedding
Author: Rafał Cywicki
Illustrators: Bartosz Repetowski and Beata Smugaj
Type: Flip and Write (sub: Roll and Write)
Time: 15-30 minutes
Players: 1-4


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