Enchantersis a 1-4 players card-drafting fantasy game in which you shuffle any Kingdom Decks, then forge unique Artifacts to fight Monsters and compete to become the Hero of the Village.

Enchanters: Overlords is a stand-alone expansion, that comes with game-altering, nefarious Overlords, 6 new decks, and a big box to fit all the contents from both the Base Game and the Overlords Expansion.

Enchanters: Odyssey is a game-altering expansion, that comes with:

  • variable starting powers – become Goblin Cultist or Gnoll Druid and use your talents to guide you to victory physical coop and solo mode
  • a new mode that lets you play with your non-competitive friends or no friends at all
  • 6 new Kingdoms (with corresponding Overlords and Villages) – each with a new distinct mechanic to combine with previous decks All themed around the journey through mythological antiquity.