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Cooperation with Mythic Games

We’re happy to announce that Gindi started a partnership with Mythic Games to crowdfund a new Enchanters expansion – Enchanters: East Quest together.

Alongside the Mythic Games, publishers of titles like Joan of Arc or Solomon Kane, Gindi is honored to announce new expansion Enchanters: East Quest – campaign on Kickstarter scheduled on 4th of February 2020.

We decided to partner up with Mythic Games, believing we can achieve great things together. Combining our perspectives came naturally and we agreed to join forces to work on the upcoming campaign for Enchanter: East Quest.

We like the taste Mythic Games has in board games. The amount of engagement they pour into their projects is a huge asset in our eyes. Board games, they are involved with, show great quality in regards to mechanics and visuals. We believe Enchanters: East Quest will benefit greatly from this partnership. We hope you will find the effects of our work amazing.

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